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Global Shutter, Rolling Shutter - Functionality and Characteristics of Two Exposure Methods

When you choose a camera for an image processing system, the sensor technology is not the only important factor. The shutter method matters too. Our White Paper explains how global shutters and rolling shutters work and describes the different functionalities of both exposure methods.

The shutter protects the sensor in the camera against light and opens when the shutter release is pressed. Exposure or shutter times are used to dose the amount of light allowed to strike the sensor. Global shutters use a different method than rolling shutters.

Our White Paper explains the following questions about the two shutter variants:

  • How does a shutter work?
  • How does a global shutter expose the image, and how does this differ from the rolling shutter?
  • What is the rolling shutter effect, what causes it and how can it be prevented?
  • What effect does the resolution have on image quality?

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