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Application Notes

Avoiding EMI and ESD in camera installations

Document number: DD000053

The document provides guidelines for avoiding problems with electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electro-static discharge (ESD) in industrial camera installations.

In addition to general guidelines, there are specific guidelines given for installations of Camera Link cameras, IEEE1394 cameras, GigE cameras, and related components such as switches and hubs.

Particular emphasis is on the following general measures:

  • Arranging components spatially such that interference is minimized. This applies particularly to cables.
  • Using adequate shielding – particularly for cables – and ensuring good contact between shields and connected components.
  • Employing a grounding system that uses protective earth ground besides functional earth and ensuring proper grounding of the installation
  • Avoiding ground loops
  • Using an EMI power line filter
  • Using proper materials and clothing and avoiding low air humidity to decrease the risk of electric discharge.

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