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Product Change Notification

Changeover to side-fill for all dart / pulse with E2V 76C570 sensor

To meet the needs and wishes of our customers, we are constantly optimizing both our products and our processes. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, we are making these changes available to you, here.

In this document we give you an overview of the change for the following product: dart, pulse

At Basler all cameras undergo continuous quality assurances measures and special test procedures to maximize the reliability of our products.
During ambient temperature and switch-on/off tests in a climate cabinet the dart and pulse camera models with E2V 76C570 sensor showed that the LCC package's solder joints along the outer edge of the sensor package are not robust enough to reliably survive the stress created by heavy temperature fluctuation. This causes the soldering joints to possibly break in the medium to long term as the ceramic housing of the sensor expands less than the board beneath it.

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