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Product Change Notification

Temperature State Feature – Removed on certain ace U and ace L cameras (part 2)

To meet the needs and wishes of our customers, we are constantly optimizing both our products and our processes. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, we are making these changes available to you, here.

In this document we give you an overview of the change for the following product: ace U and ace L with certain sensors

The demand-supply-situation for semiconductor-related components has become increasingly tense and it is our utmost aim to provide our customers with the most reliable and competitive lead times possible in this challenging environment.

One component that faces a shortage is a temperature sensor that is needed for the “Device Temperature Feature” and the “Temperature State Feature”.

Due to the shortage of the temperature sensor we will focus on delivering cameras and reduce the feature scope. The “Device Temperature Feature” won’t be of use anymore and the “Temperature State Feature” will be deactivated for the certain cameras.

We manage to stay within the UL certifications, but this means the cameras may only be operated with a lens or any other heat dissipating device.

Once the demand-supply-situation has relaxed, we plan to offer both features again. This will be published in another Product Change Notification.

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